By Puspa Mainali
The Rambler
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. There are many different places to enjoy nature. People from different countries come to Kathmandu to visit. The greatest mountain is in Nepal and it does bring big impact to economic and natural resources. Many tourists like to visit Kathmandu because there are many different religions and temples. The Bhaktapur Durbar and Patan are also well known for Nepalese religious heritage. Food is a big part of the culture of Kathmandu.
In Kathmandu, there are many accidents because many people drive while drinking alcohol, there are no speed limits and no traffic lights. These are the main causes of people to be killed by accidents. There is not much clean water for drinking and places are dirty because the people from Kathmandu don’t have a proper place for trash. This brings much sickness to the people. In Kathmandu there is air pollution and water pollution.
These are the main problems of the Kathmandu people because the government doesn’t focus on these problems.


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