Do school clubs motivate students?

By Justin Gonzalez
The Rambler
     When it comes to school, many students don’t have any motivation.

 Schools set up clubs and activities to try and get students motivated about coming to school and doing well.
Many students say that clubs offer something to look forward to during the school day. Clubs can offer a variety of things that students can enjoy. Students can relate to others in the club as they have similar likes.
Lucky Keonakhone, a senior at Garinger High, says, “I think that clubs motivate kids to stay in school, and it teaches them time management.” Lucky also stated that clubs host events and get the school to participate and make it a more active place.  By doing so they can motivate the whole school and students who are not in clubs can be motivated to come to school for these events.
Leroy Phomma, also a senior, says that “clubs can be interesting sometimes when your friends are in it.”
With that said, you should motivate your friends to join a club with you.
Now what if there is a thing you would like to do but the school does not have a club for it?
Many students get discouraged by this, which causes them to get bored and not want to come at all. If this is you, instead of giving up, go to a teacher and explain the idea to them. Possibly the teacher will put in a notice to get a club started for you.
So if school bores you because there is nothing that excites your or motivates you, just ask a teacher or look for clubs. Become active and you can make school fun.


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