Ballin’ battle of the ages

Garinger staff and students will square off in a basketball game fourth block Thursday, Dec. 20 in the Garinger gym.

Students who want to play must have good grades and behavior. That means no referrals or ISS. Also, they can’t play for the Garinger basketball team because they would have an unfair advantage.

Students who want to play should get any information from Mr. Hogan, who is in charge of them.

Students can gain their entry by buying $2 tickets in the pit during lunches.
If you are a teacher and want to play, please go talk to Mr. Pratt about the game.

Student art featured in gala tonight

Timothy Roseboro
The Rambler
The art program is putting on a showcase to highlight all of your fellow classmates’ work for the semester. This show will feature work from all the art classes: digital, crafting, and visual; and your very own foods program will be serving food and treats at the event.
The art gala will be held in the atruim 6-8 p.m. Dec. 18. This event will include film photo coverage by students attending Johnson C.
Smith University as a class project.
Ms. Lide, one of the teachers involved in planning this event, said that Garinger is often overlooked and “I want to show people the creative side of our school”.
So come out and support your school’s very first art show. See you tonight!