The Imperial Dynasty Modeling Troupe a success

By Karisma Newborn
The Imperial Dynasty Modeling Troupe prepared an evening show for students teachers and parents Nov. 15.Photo by Karisma Newborn
Garinger models strutted the stage in the auditorium to raise money for their school and for their modeling material. Their conductor, Xavier Jack, made them work hard and practice all the time. The models felt really energized before and after the show, which had different themes and dances/choreography.
Nichaun Wary, one of Garinger’s models, was performing in the show. Wary believes that the show was a success and that all models did exceptionally well.
Wary explained that after the performance, he had lots of energy and was proud of himself and his team. Wary, knows that as a model you have to be confident in yourself or nothing will go right. Wary feels that on scale 1-10 he broke the scale as far as his performance goes. The coach was hard on him, but he said it made him stronger as a model and a person.
Alonna Hills, another Garinger model, said that the show was terrific and she would love to do it again. Hills also stated that the coach was very hard on her and all the rest of the models, and that is why they are so consistent. After the performance, she felt energized and ready for another show. Hills explained that as a model you need confidence for everything to go great and as planned as well as to deal with the pressure.


Photo by Karisma Newborn






 Photo by Karisma Newborn

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