Fierce wrestlers never fear

By Carolina Alvarado

The Rambler

Pushing yourself to limits, being strong, not giving up, and knowing you can do it. This is how hard of an effort Garinger’s wrestling team puts into their training and preparing for the final battle.

 We are strong, not afraid, and have confidence in each other. We work hard on the mat, but we also work together to help one another get to where we need to, and be better than before.

 We are like family, a strong one.
After school, we train for about three hours, with only two breaks in between. We work nonstop because we know that if we keep going, and set our minds to work hard, we will do it.

 We learn our weaknesses and our strengths, and we work on becoming better.

 We give each other support to not give up, and push ourselves hard. If you don’t try, or put effort in training, then you shouldn’t be there because we are willing to work hard and you are not.

Wrestling can be fun, and enjoyable, but you need to make it happen, and put everything you got out there.
“You need to set your mind on trying, and not stopping until you are finished,” said Coach Ingram.
“We are like brothers and sisters, help each other,” added Coach Davidson.

Garinger’s next wrestling match is on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at West Charlotte High School.

Team Members and their nicknames”

Terrell Thompson-Bell: “psycho”
Corey Atkins: “smack”
DeShawn Patterson “scrappy”
Terrence Thompson: “radio”
Quay Howie: “The Enforcer”
Brandon Addison: “Green bean”
Jarvey Gomez: “Free bird”
Roberto Garcia: “The ringer”
Tarik Metwaly: “Sandman”
Carolina Alvarado


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