Students stress over Senior Exit

By Lucky Keonakhone
The Rambler
December 12th is closing in and students are busting their butts to put on the finishing touches before they present their Senior Exit.
The seniors have been working very hard since the beginning of their junior year and are ready to get the presentation over with.
Jarvy Gomez, a senior who is presenting his project this semester, is ready to get it over with so he can relax. “The Senior Exit is something that I have to do, so I’m just going to do it and chill afterward,” Gomez said.
The Majority of the senior class would probably agree with Gomez because most of seniors are stressing over the project.
For those who are presenting during the spring semester will probably go through the same thing. Joseph Zakhia, who is preparing for the next semester presentation, is having a hard time with the project already.
“I feel as if the Senior Exit project is very confusing. It should have better guidelines because I don’t know what I am doing” he said.
Overall, students are ready to relieve the stress and get the project over and done.
So, good luck to our seniors, and hopefully all will do well.


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