Help plan ‘A Prom to Remember’

By Asante Jones

The Rambler

Prom this year will be one to remember for juniors and seniors.

 A few juniors have gathered together to create this prom with the help of the advisors Ms.Barbour and Mr.Pickney.

This year’s prom theme will be a total secret to the senior class. Juniors are giving seniors a prom to remember as a gift. The prom is tentatively set for early May.

If you are a junior and have a creative, teamwork mindset stop by Ms.Barbour’s room LC-16 to pick up an application to see if you qualify.


Fierce wrestlers never fear

By Carolina Alvarado

The Rambler

Pushing yourself to limits, being strong, not giving up, and knowing you can do it. This is how hard of an effort Garinger’s wrestling team puts into their training and preparing for the final battle.

 We are strong, not afraid, and have confidence in each other. We work hard on the mat, but we also work together to help one another get to where we need to, and be better than before.

 We are like family, a strong one.
After school, we train for about three hours, with only two breaks in between. We work nonstop because we know that if we keep going, and set our minds to work hard, we will do it.

 We learn our weaknesses and our strengths, and we work on becoming better.

 We give each other support to not give up, and push ourselves hard. If you don’t try, or put effort in training, then you shouldn’t be there because we are willing to work hard and you are not.

Wrestling can be fun, and enjoyable, but you need to make it happen, and put everything you got out there.
“You need to set your mind on trying, and not stopping until you are finished,” said Coach Ingram.
“We are like brothers and sisters, help each other,” added Coach Davidson.

Garinger’s next wrestling match is on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at West Charlotte High School.

Team Members and their nicknames”

Terrell Thompson-Bell: “psycho”
Corey Atkins: “smack”
DeShawn Patterson “scrappy”
Terrence Thompson: “radio”
Quay Howie: “The Enforcer”
Brandon Addison: “Green bean”
Jarvey Gomez: “Free bird”
Roberto Garcia: “The ringer”
Tarik Metwaly: “Sandman”
Carolina Alvarado

Students stress over Senior Exit

By Lucky Keonakhone
The Rambler
December 12th is closing in and students are busting their butts to put on the finishing touches before they present their Senior Exit.
The seniors have been working very hard since the beginning of their junior year and are ready to get the presentation over with.
Jarvy Gomez, a senior who is presenting his project this semester, is ready to get it over with so he can relax. “The Senior Exit is something that I have to do, so I’m just going to do it and chill afterward,” Gomez said.
The Majority of the senior class would probably agree with Gomez because most of seniors are stressing over the project.
For those who are presenting during the spring semester will probably go through the same thing. Joseph Zakhia, who is preparing for the next semester presentation, is having a hard time with the project already.
“I feel as if the Senior Exit project is very confusing. It should have better guidelines because I don’t know what I am doing” he said.
Overall, students are ready to relieve the stress and get the project over and done.
So, good luck to our seniors, and hopefully all will do well.

Eat, clean and get a coat in ‘Winter Garden Land’

By Leroy Phomma
The Rambler
Garinger’s Garden Club is having a fit and green community event called Winter Garden Land 10 am – 1 pm Saturday, Dec. 8th at Garinger High School’s Green house.
The event will include a clean up activity in which the participants and volunteers will go around the neighborhood to pick up recyclables and trash.
Afterwards, the event will have a cooking demonstration using the vegetables the garden club has grown in the garden.
The garden club is also hosting a coat drive the entire week before the event. The coats will be given away to the volunteers on Saturday.
The event is free and open to the public.
The purpose of the event is to give back to the community.
Ms. Hendee and Mr. Ingram launched the garden club last year. This year, the club is partnering with One Hundred Gardens to create a sustainable type garden to teach kids about sustainable agriculture in three different regions.
One Hundred Gardens is a community-based organization that helps create and teach faith based communities, civic clubs and PTAs about sustainable agriculture for a greater cause.
Sam Fleming is part of One Hundred Gardens and he came to a garden club meeting to teach about hydroponics.
It will be installed in the near future at Garinger’s greenhouse.

For more information about the garden club contact Ms. Hendee. The regular meetings are 2:30-3:3- p.m. Wednesdays in room 205.

You can also learn more information at