Your voice matters

By Karla Posadas

Rambler Staff Writer



Three poets came to Garinger High School with a distinct message for freshmen: your voice matters. Their names were Bluz, Anthony Twenty 20 Collins, and Quill. The performances started at 8am on September 04, 2012.


Before the poets went on stage a tribal dance was taking place with four male students and two female students. They huddled in a group and individually one would dance into the middle of the group. Their message was also your voice matters.


Right after the group of tribal dancers left stage on came Poet Bluz. Bluz started his performance by first saying “You don’t have to be a rapper, you can have a voice and express yourself through your art.”


In other words you do not have to be famous in order to have a voice. His words of inspiration were dedicated to the freshman in the audience, because they want to encourage them to do better.


Before Bluz was an MC he was an English teacher in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.


“Your voice is your own and it is unique.” Bluz point was that you do matter and so do your opinions and values.


He does a Poetry Slam every third Friday, downtown Charlotte. One of Bluz Partners, Anthony Twenty 20 Collins also got the crowds’ attention with his performance. Anthony’s teaching led into poetry.


Anthony said they are not local artists; they just happen to live here. They do most of their work out of state, and travel a lot.


Quill is another member of their ‘group,’ he first met Anthony when he was in the 10th grade and Anthony was in college. It turns out her had read an article on Anthony in The Charlotte Observer, then called to find out where he was.


Quill was very young when he started sneaking into poetry clubs. He would go whenever he could. Quill currently has a song called Let Them Know on Power 98, call them and request it.


Maybe we’ll see these three incredible poets soon on a big show, though they will always have a voice.

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